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Activision Headquarters
Santa Monica, CA


Julie Smith-Clementi
Huay Wee
Bob Frederick


The Santa Monica headquarters for this video game publisher started out as a rectangular building, with two central courtyards giving it a squared-off figure-8 shape. Originally, Activision occupied just one side of the building. But when the company expanded into the other half as well, an opportunity arose to rethink the 38,000-square-foot space as a single cohesive working environment.

REX, the New York-based Design Architect, devised a concept that lined 73 private offices along the exterior perimeter, and replaced inefficient cubicles with 151 workstations surrounding the two light-filled interior courtyards. This arrangement easily accommodated the entire staff, and left room for the company to continue growing.
The re-design also made it possible to tear out the airless center of the figure-8 and replace it with a single "nucleus" of shared spaces like a break room, gaming zones, "green light" room, and several formal and informal meeting spaces. These collaborative areas boost the company's feeling of community and contribute to happy accidents that sometimes become best-selling software.

As local Executive Architect, our duty was to execute REX's design concept. Keeping tight reins on the budget, we were able to maintain the design's integrity while navigating a challenging, phased construction schedule.