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Adams Square Mini-Park
Glendale, CA


Mark Rios
Tony Paradowski
Samantha Harris
John Fishback


The design of Adams Square Mini Park transformed a defunct neighborhood gas station into a “community service station”. The revitalized 1930’s Streamline Moderne Richfield gas station structure remains on-site as the centerpiece of the park. Its canopies shade seat walls that are extrusions of the original gas pump islands. A multi-height picnic table is parked in the service bay to accommodate multi-generational group gatherings. Planting in this zone is more formally organized, and seasonally bold flower color creates an ornamental emphasis.

Community involvement was an important part of the design process throughout the project. Our team worked closely with community groups to develop a park that met their programmatic needs and aesthetic preferences.
Community members participated in the decision making process regarding site furnishing selection, planting palettes, amenity locations and color schemes for the building, site furnishings & playground surfacing.

An urban garden with bench lined sidewalks and broad planting areas buffer adjacent traffic. Thirty-two trees shade and cool this gas station-sized site, while providing a habitat for birds and other local wildlife. Utilization of a Mediterranean climate planting palette reflects the mini park’s regional context. These drought tolerant plants are well suited to the local, summer-dry climate. They also require little water after establishment, which is critical in water-scarce Southern California.