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Austin City Limits
Austin, TX


Frank Clementi
Jon Black
Anthony Anderson
Aimee Less
Paul Schuette
Casey Nagel
Rita Haudenschild


Austin City Limits has been recording and cataloging traditional and emerging American, international and multi-cultural music in a live format for over 30 years. As the single most asked about tourist location in Austin, ACL was almost invisible. Operating out of an anonymous university building, ACL was just a stage set with no external expression. The back drop on the stage placed ACL and the artist in the city, but yet it was not part of the city.

ACL at Block 21 is now in the center of the city and within walking distance of more live music than one might find anywhere in the rest of the nation. The new facility addresses the technical & capacity limitations of the prior location and embraces new and current technology. ACL will become a landmark that is an outward expression of what we have seen for the last thirty years.
The design concept for the new venue was a simple box within a box. The lobby and back of house functions fill in the space around the inner box (the performance space) with a grand stair case that connects all the floors by wrapping around the building. The building became the embodiment of the traveling case a musician carries: a simple exterior shape in which an irregularly shaped instrument is placed.