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Baby Boomer Furniture
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Julie Smith-Clementi
Frank Clementi
Chiaki Kanda


Prior to BB2, parents with a sensibility for modern design or the environment had limited choices in children’s furniture. First conceived for the award-winning Warner Bros. and Universal Studios’ child care centers in 1991 and 1994, our BB2 Furniture Collection has evolved into a suite of children’s furniture for the consumer market, while honoring its original form and eco-friendly values. Tried, tested, and built to last generations, the original furniture we designed for the childcare centers is still in use today.

In 2003, we redesigned the table and chairs set to ship flat for the consumer market. In making this switch to a consumer product from the commercial/institutional application, we also designed the instructions to allow anyone to easily put the furniture together. The number of fasteners was greatly reduced, so that the table took ten minutes, and the chair takes only five minutes to assemble.
Later, we shifted to more versatile and accessible blonde plywood, introducing a Toy Caddy, Shelving Unit, Twin Bed and Sidetable, to fill out the kid’s bedroom. These pieces all incorporate the geometric form referencing the boomerang that was the original design inspiration for the Baby Boomer furniture. Following the immediate success of the BB2 Collection, we introduced the brightly colored painted MDF version in 2006. The latest iteration, released in 2009 in collaboration with Loll Design, is the BBO2 (as in oxygen) Table and Chairs, an eco-friendly indoor outdoor version.

Throughout its evolution, the BB2 has remained faithful to its original mission: furniture for kids that is simple, sturdy, affordable, and built to last a lifetime.