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Contemporary Residence
Brentwood, CA


Mark Rios
Polly Furr


The main house is perched on the slopes of this 2.11 acre site, and steps downhill through a cool loggia to a guest house. Both houses are surrounded by a stone "lake", a ziggurat shaped clear pool of water that steps down the hill, disappearing into a crushed stone terrace. A long, winding entry drive hugs the top of the slope, hiding the view of the house behind shimmering California Pepper trees until an overlook reveals its location. The drive ends in a sculpture court which opens to the upper level of the house.
Beyond the sculpture court, greenhouses top a perennial-filled slope and end with a citrus garden and a stone terrace. Wide stone steps form both sides of the "lake" and on the south, they lead to the main lawn, which is bounded by stone terraces and a swimming pool at the far end. Large trees in the stone terraces screen the tennis court beyond, which is connected to parking and the entry drive by a series of steps and landings.