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Cornerstone Sonoma
Sonoma, CA


Samantha Harris
Tony Paradowski


Cornerstone Festival of Gardens is a series of walk-through gardens, showcasing new and innovative designs from the world’s finest landscape architects and designers. The first such gallery-style gardens in the United States, the nine-acre Cornerstone Festival of Gardens was envisioned to be an inspiration and resource for people who are interested in gardens, garden design, and art. Constantly in a state of evolution, some garden installations will be in place for a single season, while others will remain for longer.

In keeping with Cornerstone’s inaugural year theme of “openings,” the design concept for “Changing Rooms” endeavors to utilize the garden as a place to expose the power in communal desire and action. Each individual wish in our garden becomes part of a collective dream.
The garden’s ground plane is a composition of richly textured ground covers and columnar trees. Interspersed amongst the trees are three “Wishing Booths.” When the exterior curtain is pulled aside, a vivid pink interior curtain is revealed. A small sign encourages you to write a wish on one of the thin plastic disks provided, carry it with you through the garden, and place it with other wishes. At the far end of the garden, a large curved green curtain encloses the Wish Room, which is lined with a reflective silver fabric and punctuated by a giant pendulous “wish chandelier.” Visitors slot their individual wish disks onto the chandelier’s chains and can read previous visitor’s wishes. Each wish and dream written combines to make a space of beauty and poignancy.