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Studio Child Care Center
Burbank, CA


Mark Rios
Frank Clementi
Jon Black
Hsaun-Ying Chou
Polly Furr


This center for 112 children is a stellar example of working within time and site constraints. Factory-built modular buildings were chosen due to an accelerated schedule for opening, and site area was at a premium because of the need to balance classroom and playground licensing requirements.

The buildings were designed based on three classroom prototypes, according to age and activity requirements, and pairs of classrooms share a common service core. Each module is 12 feet wide and ranges in length from 45 feet to 62 feet. Fourteen modules were required for the entire project, including the administration building. These steel frame buildings were factory assembled including framing, mechanical, electrical and drywall, and shipped to the site for final finishes, storefront installation, and site connections.

The entry, reception/lobby and circulation spaces, built on-site, are the connective fabric for the project. Exposed framing, hardware, stainless steel bases and caps, and modified off-the-shelf light fixtures create an architectural structure which undulates like a Chinese dragon or a flowing scarf. The wood reception area is completed by frameless glass walls, creating the spatial quality of an open wood pavilion. Continuing out of the lobby and across the play bridge, the canopy acts as an arcade, defining circulation and play spaces while providing covered connections to each classroom.