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East Valley Adult Center
Sherman Oaks, CA


Bob Hale
Frank Clementi
Jon Black
Michael Martinez
Tony Paradowski
Jessa Chisari
Claudia Morello
Greg Kochanowski
Paul Schuette
Alexa Carlson


The 17,600-sq. ft. East Valley Adult Center accommodates a range of services addressing the needs of the East San Fernando Valley’s senior community. Our design creates a building with an identifiable presence along Van Nuys Blvd., making it a gateway between the park in which it sits and the surrounding communities of Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks.

The building’s form draws from two different historical precedents: the area’s agricultural history and the wave of postwar modernist housing development that later populated the San Fernando Valley. The overall color palette relates to the variety of produce grown in the area. The fuchsias, reds, and oranges of
the street edge infuse the facade with urban character, while greens, yellows, and blues on the park side relate to the natural character of the park. The pavilion’s open nature brings light into the structure and provides views out to the surrounding park landscape. The pavilion is topped with a green roof that helps keep the building’s interior cool, reducing energy consumption.

The building’s massing helps to reinforce the street edge and creates a ceremonial gate into the park. A securable perimeter fence and low plantings guide the approach to the building from Van Nuys Boulevard. Limited windows discourage vandalism.