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Euclid Park
Santa Monica, CA


Mark Rios
Jennifer Schab
Terese Kelly


Conceived as a public “backyard” for a densely populated neighborhood of apartments and bungalows, this ½ acre park sets the standards for “greening” any residential backyard.

The broad lawn of this “backyard” is depressed by 18 inches to collect storm water run off from both the site and from the roof of the adjacent building. Like a bathtub, the basin is designed to fill up to an overflow drain connected to the underground storm water system. In a heavy storm, rainwater collected in the basin will slowly dissipate into the ground, recharging the aquifer below.

Programmed for healthy living, the park provides opportunity for passive and active recreation including undulating topography, a walking paths, shaded areas for gathering and a community garden. Planting beds in the garden are provided for all ages and abilities including those confined to wheelchairs.
Sustainable materials are integrated into each park feature. Recycled wood polymer joined with hand-turned bolts forms a large, shade trellis that doubles as the entry and sign for the park. A sweeping promenade is formed of interlocking brick pavers with sand joints to allow for water penetration. Drought tolerant and native plant species are contained in raised planters that double as seat walls.

In time, the thirty trees planted, in four different species, will grow and flower to provide shade and shelter for the parks’ visitors and residents including those on two feet, on four feet and with wings.