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Marina del Rey, CA


Mark Rios
Julie Smith-Clementi


This office space for GeoCities (now a division of Yahoo!) fosters a sense of company identity by creating a community of offices, open work spaces, and social spaces. Two key design goals distinguish it from typical tenant improvement design. First, the interior architecture was inspired and crafted around capturing, reflecting, dispersing, and balancing natural and artificial light. Second, the design solutions were carefully executed with a heavy emphasis on recycled materials.

The client desired a well lit, open space that would physically describe the company's cutting edge field, as well as its belief in an egalitarian company structure. The open two story main work space and the mezzanine that opens onto it create a vibrant environment. These ideas of an open community also present themselves in the use of transparent and translucent materials.
Creating a hip, unconventional, and low cost space focused attention on the innovative incorporation of recycled and underutilized building materials. The design and materials are at once raw and elegant. Tilt-up concrete walls were left exposed in the lobby and mezzanine offices. Gypsum board and acoustic tile ceilings were punctured or pulled back to expose the building structure, ductwork and electrical conduit. Extensive use of recycled and industrial building materials include; plastic recycled from detergent bottles, tectum panels, industrial light fixtures, apple ply (a pre-finished maple plywood), MDF, Homosote, double wall polycarbonate, and corrugated fiberglass.