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Gracias Madre Branding
West Hollywood, CA


Julie Smith-Clementi
Julien Harcc
Jason Neufield
Marija Radisavljevic
Heather McGinn


Gracias Madre offers a Mexican-Californian fusion: a plant-based, soulful, healthy, handmade cuisine, paired with artisanal cocktails made from organic spirits. The restaurants are known for their deep reverence for food, their commitment to health and sustainability, and their devotion to the earth and the divine feminine. Gracias Madre includes one location in San Francisco and a second location in West Hollywood. While the brand identity should be consistent between both locations, our work focused on the West Hollywood location.

The West Hollywood location is a high-end establishment that caters to a health-conscious
crowd with a flair for design and originality. It hopes to become a neighborhood restaurant with a strong repeat clientele, as well as a nighttime destination known for hand crafted cocktails and a lively and informal atmosphere.

Gracias Madre aims to stand out by offering a healthier alternative to traditional Mexican restaurants, using quality food, outstanding design, and a terrific bar. The owners simplified the restaurant's branding applications so they are easy to implement and can remain flexible within day-to-day operations. Most important of all, however, was to “Keep the Soul,” because Gracias Madre isn’t just a restaurant; it is a “food church.”