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Grand Park
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Tony Paradowski
Greg Kochanowski
Samantha Harris
Jessa Chisari
John Fishback
Alissa Hisoire
Clancy Pearson
Ryan Vasquez
Brooke Woosley
Chris Adamick


Our design for Grand Park has no smaller aim than to express the multicultural diversity of Los Angeles through landscape design and architecture. We transformed a 12-acre space chockablock with parking lots into "The Park for Everyone," an adaptable community gathering place that has redefined the future of Downtown Los Angeles.

Grand Park links two of Los Angeles’ most iconic buildings: City Hall, in the heart of downtown, and Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall. A 92-foot change in elevation between those landmarks was the most challenging aspect of creating a single unifying space. We viewed that as an asset, an opportunity to soften the steep incline with elegant staircases that make the transition between levels more gradual. Invisible infrastructure like a series of central terraces creates reasons to stop along the way.
The ¼"-deep splash pool and 79 programmable jets we added to the existing Arthur J. Will Fountain encourage kids of all ages to jump in with both feet. Colorful kaleidoscopic LED lighting makes the fountain’s geysers visible from passing airplanes.

The park’s layout takes inspiration from Goode’s homolosine projection, an innovative mapping process for depicting the three-dimensional world in two dimensions with minimal distortion. To represent the many cultures that have settled in Los Angeles, Grand Park features species from each of the world’s six floristic kingdoms – Cape, Boreal, Neotropical, Paleotropical, Australian, and Antarctic. The unique environmental conditions in each of these regions favors different flora, but vegetation from all six kingdoms flourishes in L.A.’s climate of easy adaptation. Just like the people who planted them.