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Greystone Garden Show
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Tony Paradowski


The design of this temporary garden for the Beverly Hills Garden Show 2002 deliberately adjusted the primary circulation through the Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills, forming a meaningful spatial experience while leaving the extant site unchanged. The garden fosters a sense of special occasion for the visitor. The design and decoration ideas are easy and simple enough to be able to inspire visitors to be experimental in their own gardens.

The experience of the garden is an event, not unlike a religious ceremony. The columnar nature of the Eugenia allee creates a central space which evokes the nave of a cathedral and the tall structure that terminates the axis would almost appear to be an altar. However, the disruption of an axial procession through this recognizably ceremonial linear space forces us to question its purpose.
The site becomes a contemporary play on the parterre, a ground plane pattern that we can appreciate from above but cannot walk through.

Horizontal bands of shimmering silver fabric reflect the sky and evoke pools of water. The silver fabric alternates with bands of rich azure fabric patterned with sky blue tessellated clouds. Glossy ultra-marine blue glazed plates sitting on the fabric glisten in the sun. The use of textiles in the garden has precedents which bridge many cultural boundaries from royal or ritual tents to humble picnic blankets.