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Groundswell Surfboard
Los Angeles, CA


Sebastian Salvadó
Chiaki Kanda
Marija Radisavljevic


The beauty of patterns is an ongoing passion at Rios Clementi Hale Studios and notNeutral. For the 2014 A+D Celebrate event, we designed an eye-catching custom surfboard with our of love patterns in mind.

The vibrant graphic was inspired by ocean swell infographics, the concept of “groundswell” is taken both literally and abstractly in this piece. Literally, the graphic appropriates the visual language of swell charts and evokes the mapping of a strong groundswell making landfall. Conceptually,
we believe these wave events unite the community of surfers in our coastal waters as they all share in the experience of hoping to catch the right wave for an “epic” ride.

As surfers ourselves, we wanted to create an art piece that speaks to the notion of “groundswell” but is also functional. The shape we chose is called an “egg” because it is the closest to a platonic form in the family of surfboard shapes. A glassed in single fin unites with the board to make a single, streamlined object.