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Helios Productions
Los Angeles, CA


Julie Smith-Clementi
Greg Kochanowski
Jakub Tejchman
Aimee Less


This tenant improvements project for Helios Productions created a crisp, clean and modern office environment with open workstations and flexible meetings spaces.

Rios Clementi Hale Studios removed most of the interior floor to ceiling walls that were blocking nearly all natural light from entering the office and installed glass walls that allowed natural light to fill the entire space. Inspired by the image of a three-piece suit, a curated selection of furnishings and materials created a palette of rich blacks, soft whites and deep grays throughout the office. Outside meeting spaces were designed to complement the executive offices and reclaimed an existing but under-utilized terrace.
The middle part of the office is comprised of a new conference room that is surrounded by sliding glass doors as well as an interior curtain that allows users to have as much or as little privacy as they desire. A large workspace is defined by flexible desk space that can accommodate as many as ten temporary or full time staff members, depending on the needs and schedule of the company. New signage was designed and installed in the lobbies.