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Hollywood Bowl Artist Lounge
Hollywood, CA


Julie Smith-Clementi
Andy Lantz
Laura Kos


Prior to taking center stage at the Hollywood Bowl, members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra now have a quiet, comfortable, private, and creative place to relax, a home away from home. Cork floors and white-oak-paneled walls contribute to a feeling of natural calm that contrasts with the high drama of the Hollywood Bowl stage. A series of acoustical felt panels on the underbelly of the exposed roof beams turn the ceiling into a sculptural piece that unifies the entire space. The panels’ changing curvature pays homage to the scalloped and layered shell of the stage, while also adding a dynamism to the space.

Renovation of this cramped, uninviting space was long overdue. It was built 15 years ago with the expectation that it would be replaced after one year.
To make it feel more like a lounge and less like a generic multipurpose space, we raised the second floor roof by adding new steel structure within the existing masonry shell and built a new roof structure, making the interior tall, day-lit, and airy. Continuous clerestory windows allow more views of the surrounding hillside that makes the Hollywood Bowl so appealing.

Outside the building, we erected a decorative aluminum screen to conceal a myriad of pipes, conduit, and equipment attached to the building exterior. The screen features a water-jet cut pattern of undulating bars that echoes the shape of sound bars on an analog radio display. The screen gives a stronger presence to the building, which is located in a central part of the site.