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Hollywood Bowl Restrooms
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Julie Smith-Clementi
Michael Sweeney
Naseema Asif
Laura Kos
Michael Poirier
Jennifer Charles


The Hollywood Bowl restrooms serve an 18,000 seat outdoor amphitheater run by the County of Los Angeles. With minimal improvements made to them over the previous 30 years, the 14 restrooms were dark, dreary, and their design caused large lines to form during intermissions. Rios Clementi Hale Studios was tasked with making the restrooms feel brighter, more inviting and efficient.

The renovated restrooms evoke the 1920s modern style of the Hollywood Bowl’s shell and stage. The primary color palette is a clean and simple white, with black and stainless steel accents on the walls, trim and ceiling. The floor of each restroom was painted a shade of green that was color matched to the Toyon tree, a plant native to Southern California and found around the Bowl. This color helps lead people in from the outside and also helps define the extents of the restroom.
The design includes simple lines, pure geometries and sweeping paint accents that visually connect to the iconic stage’s arches. The combination of these curving lines along the walls and ceiling, and large round mirrors, help patrons to see more hidden areas and see that there are more fixtures available. In one of the largest restrooms, there is a green/red light system above the stalls to tell you if they are occupied. The restrooms were designed to save water and paper waste, with waterless urinals, dual flush water closets, automatic faucets, foam soap dispensers and hand dryers.