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Holmby Hills Home
Beverly Hills, CA


Mark Rios
Sebastian Salvadó


In Progress
The owners of this Holmby Hills residence asked us to expand the ground floor living and dining space and transform the dated pool area into a spa-like setting, complete with a cabana, gym, yoga room, and outdoor patio. Our concept sought to create a sense of levity and calm that would contrast with the heavy, dark, thick-walled main house.

Oversize glass doors on three sides allow the expanded dining room to flow out onto the comfortably appointed terrace. A glass-walled portico off the family room begins the transition from the Tudor-style home to the more modern
pool and pavilion. Four floating steel stairs descend onto a series of wide, grass-and-brick terraces that alight on a pool deck surrounded by water.

The walls of the new cabana rise directly from the edge of the infinity pool, creating an intimate conversation between the reflective surfaces of water and glass. They also give the impression that the cabana is floating atop the pool. The glass walls of the gym, meanwhile, disappear into the screen above them, providing the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience for working out.