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LATTC Child Development Center
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Jennifer Schab
Jon Black
Jennifer Charles
Mike Cheng
Ichiro kakami
Viltis Januta


The LEED Silver Child Development Center for Los Angeles Trade Technical College is a compact, two-storey structure with adjoining play yard, occupying a busy corner on Olive Street. The shoe-box form of the building knits into the developing urban context of boxy, multi-story buildings set tight against public sidewalks. One corner of the Center is cut-away to form a covered outdoor reception “room” where families can congregate and socialize during daily drop-off and pick-up. Over-scaled windows are cut into the building façade to allow for safe interaction of city sidewalk and interior building circulation.

Brick red paint connects the Child Development Center to the rapidly disappearing brick buildings in this light industrial neighborhood. At the same time, the brick red color serves to announce the Center’s identity as a school house.
Classrooms are designed in pairs with a shared service core of lavatories and teacher support spaces including pantry, diapering and office. On the second floor, a series of folding doors allow toddler lavatories to be converted into private compartments for the use of older children attending late afternoon and evening programs. All classrooms have windows on two sides of the room and direct access to the play yard. Classrooms are equipped with built-in cubbies, equipment and cot storage and a carpeted, raised platform.

Super efficient in its planning and use of the site, with cues from its history and context to inform color and form, the Center demonstrates its character as a “good neighbor.” Moreover, it strives to be a “friendly” neighbor by allowing the City to peek inside and for the (mostly) very young occupants, an awareness of their place in the City.