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LAUSD Primary Centers
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Frank Clementi
Jennifer Schab


We developed a prototypical set of buildings and site planning strategies for Primary Centers and adapted them to two Downtown-adjacent sites located within a mile of each other. Repetitive classroom modules and support buildings were designed to streamline both production and construction time, thereby reducing costs. A primary concern for these projects is providing the maximum number of classroom seats for the fewest dollars. Each school is approximately 14,000 square feet and serves approximately 150 students.

The classroom prototype is based on the prescribed 'relocatable' classroom unit of 24 x 48 feet. Classroom modules are paired to allow for window exposure on three sides of each room. Inverted roofs allows for clerestory windows to naturally light each classroom and important administrative spaces. .
Low cost common industrial materials are both incorporated into and celebrated by the building palette. A prototypical site plan for the Centers was also developed, based on the concern for secure and flexible outdoor spaces. Landscaped courts serve as foyers or 'outdoor classrooms' to the buildings they front

While formally identical, each school is distinct in its bold graphic expression. Color schemes and imagery vary. Green, red and yellow natural elements, including a sun, leaves and ladybugs decorate the 3rd & Benton Center. Pink, indigo and chartreuse modes of transportation, including helicopters, cars and buses, tag 7th & Grandview.