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Lino Cups / Intelligentsia


Frank Clementi
Julie Smith-Clementi
Chiaki Kanda
Clancy Pearson


The LINO Collection was developed in collaboration with Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea as a lineal family of cups that create a seamless marriage of form and function. The collection consists of a cup for each of five offerings: espresso, cappuccino, small latte, large latte, filter coffee, and a creamer. This line of vessels is designed for both the commercial and consumer markets. The cups are durable enough to withstand every day use in a coffee shop, yet refined enough to savor in one's home.

The prototypes went through rigorous testing (36 iterations for the cappuccino alone) before the team perfected a cup that would provide the ultimate coffee experience. Formally, all of the cups are united by a circular shape, distinctive handles, and differentiated by size.
The interior curvature of each cup is designed to provide the best fluid dynamics for the perfect pour, while also accommodating the drinker's nose to take in the aroma. The bottoms are thick to retain heat while the rims have great mouth feel. The handles on these cups are the most expressive feature of each piece and define the cup’s iconic, dynamic profile. As if pulled from the body of the vessel itself, the handles are a fluid extension of each cup, and provide a natural resting place for the thumb as the aromas and flavors of the coffee are savored. The cups functionally support the barista’s art, and provide a delectable coffee experience whether in the drinker’s hand or simply seen as they are set on the table.