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Lost Hills
Lost Hills, CA


Mark Rios
Mike Tramutola


Small changes create big impacts. Paramount Farms, the primary employer in the California Central Valley town of Lost Hills, asked our office to develop a public space and streetscape master plan that would positively impact the day-to-day experience of families living in the town.

Children used to walk to school in the dirt along the side of roads. Now each street has sidewalks, with each street featuring a different blooming shade tree. We designed and installed a series of bus stops that act as
community spaces, and we built a system of safe walking paths between the town, the park, and the elementary and middle schools. Decorative paving, painting, and planting at major intersections create a sense of place and arrival in the town.

To support Paramount Farms' upgrade of Lost Hills Park, we designed decorative paving, a new parking lot, barbecue areas, picnic seating, and a shade canopy. We also selected additional shade trees and seasonal plants to be added to the existing park.