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Malibu Ranch House
Malibu, CA


Mark Rios
Jon Black
Leslie Barrett


This 7,500-sf house shares its site with a population of protected oak trees, requiring that the new house be sited on the general footprint of a pre-existing residence and that a portion of that house be retained. The intention was to generate an architecture that transforms the ranch typology in response to both the immediate and the global conditions of site. Built almost completely of reclaimed lumber, the house acts as a device that controls and optimizes natural light and ventilation while creating visual connections from the interior to the mountain views beyond.
The program of the house was organized in concordance with this natural lighting strategy, and the parti that developed was a blanketing roof form that engages the existing two story house while it folds, buckles, and splits in response to the terrain and the position of the sun throughout the day. Intimate scale spaces are introduced under the blanket of the roof through box-like porch elements. The result is a house that expresses a sense of physical comfort. The structure itself is in communion with the environment, the climate, and the landscape. It is both heroic and comforting. For the occupant, the house provides a relaxing atmosphere from which to enjoy the natural beauty of the site.