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Mark Taper Forum
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Bob Hale
Frank Clementi
Michael Martinez
Jennifer Reynolds
Randy Walker
Leslie Barrett
Melissa Bacoka


Forty years after first opening its doors, the Mark Taper Forum, one of Los Angeles’ most iconic public buildings, underwent a major interior renovation. Key elements of the Taper’s structure were preserved.

The unique, historic exterior of the building was restored to its original luster, showcasing the distinctive sculptural mural that spans the building. In the lobby, the remarkable curved wall of abalone shell mosaic tile was kept, cleaned and enhanced by recessed lighting to illuminate its beauty. The Taper’s signature thrust stage was preserved to maintain the unique and special intimacy between the audience and the actors.

This $30 million project replaced all of the building and theatrical systems with state of the art designs and radically improved audience amenities. Larger restroom facilities for men,
women, families and patrons with disabilities were added to a comfortable new downstairs lounge with both spaces accessible by a new elevator and stair. The backstage area – including dressing rooms, wardrobe, green room, etc., was also expanded and rebuilt. All of this was accomplished without altering the exterior architecture or the intimate audience stage relationship in the auditorium of the Mark Taper Forum.