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Norton Simon Garden Cafe
Pasadena, CA


Bob Hale
Ichiro Kakami


The café at the Norton Simon Museum replaced an existing café and moved it to a more prominent and accessible location within the museum’s sculpture garden. The café provides food and beverage sales and casual lunch seating for 68 patrons and invites the community in as well.

The project included a portion of the museum’s central courtyard, designed by Nancy Goslee Power. Situated within an existing grove of tulip trees and southeast of the central water garden, the café provides a patio seating area with views of the courtyard, sculpture gardens, and pond.
The café building is conceived as a landscape pavilion. The primary structure is a garden trellis constructed of heavy timber douglas fir posts and beams. The boldness and scale of the timber trellis allow it to mediate between the iconic curvilinear plan geometries of the museum and the naturalistic landscape of the courtyard garden.