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Paramount Studios Master Plan
Hollywood, CA


Mark Rios
Bob Hale
Frank Clementi
Mark Motonaga
Samantha Harris
Sebastian Salvado
Michael Martinez
Mike Sweeney


In Progress
Rios Clementi Hale Studios worked with Levin & Associates to define a master plan for Paramount Pictures that protects the majority of the historic and production core and enables Paramount to improve their operations and be ready for the future. For nearly 100 years, Paramount has made movies that are beloved to people around the world. To do that successfully, it is critical that they give their talent and staff the tools and technology needed to remain innovative in our approach to filmmaking. As the last major studio physically located in Hollywood, they felt a tremendous responsibility to ensure that the legacy and heritage of this iconic studio is protected for future generations.

The plan is the first opportunity to take a cohesive look at the entire studio lot to improve synergy and efficiencies that are critical to the future.
The plan is designed to balance the needs of businesses in the future while protecting the historic and production core of the studio.

The plan focuses on preserving elements of the past by focusing future development on specific portions of the lot along Melrose Avenue and limited areas in the production core, improving entrances and creating a cohesive look along the Melrose edge, investing in state-of-the-art production facilities from soundstages to high-tech post production and support facilities like props, lighting, etc, providing areas for production basecamps and improved circulation and bringing studio office and production support facilities together to improve collaboration and streamline overall operations.