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Platform at Hayden Tract
Culver City, CA


Julie Smith-Clementi
Julien Harcc
Cameron Stewart


In Progress
Like the name suggests, Platform isn't a single entity like a shopping mall or office park, but simply the canvas on which individual chefs, merchants, and creative companies will seek to make their own statements. They will all commingle in a truly unique architectural setting that was a four-acre auto dealership half a century ago.

We were responsible for creating the signage and wayfinding systems for this one-of-a-kind development in Culver City. The design concept was a curated collection of building types, which meant that not all signs we designed had
to be the same. That gave us the freedom to blur the lines between signage, art, and architecture. Working closely with the project architects, we were able to weave many signs into the unique buildings and walls themselves.

We did, however, need to create certain signage guidelines to give future tenants direction and flexibility when they added their individual voices to this diverse chorus. We specified heights for blade signs, coverage details for window signs, and a materials palette to bring a baseline level of uniformity to all of Platform's tenants.