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Pound Ridge Guest House
Pound Ridge, NY


Mark Rios, Hsuan-Ying Chan, Anne Guillebeaux


This guest house in Pound Ridge, New York gracefully acknowledges both its secluded, wooded setting and the main residence it adjoins. The house has been carefully fitted onto the site, developing a close relationship between the new structure and the variable natural terrain. Program elements are placed along an axis that emanates from the existing main house. The axial line extends out to a stone ridge in neighboring wetlands, anchoring both houses in the landscape. The guest house straddles this axis and becomes another incident along this narrative line, emphasizing the contextual qualities of the building rather than the monumentality.
Four guest suites sit along one side of the main axis and larger communal spaces on the other. Each guest suite is a unique self contained unit, but all suites draw from the same basic palette of stained wood and native stone. The living, dining and entertainment areas provide larger informal gathering spaces. Living and dining areas have large expanses of glass which give unobstructed views out to the landscape. Both of these rooms are capped by a shaped roof canopy, looking almost as if a giant maple leaf had floated down to rest on and enclose the space.