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The Resort at Playa Vista
Playa Vista, CA


Bob Hale
Greg Kochanowski
Naseema Asif
Aimee Less
Tavi Perttula
Tom Myers
Hamilton Hadden
Karen Madrid


This 25,000-sq.-ft. community center sits amid a network of green spaces, on a site originally zoned as a park. That inspired us to design the building itself as a kind of park, giving its users the feeling of gathering, meeting, and exercising outdoors. Two internal courtyards bring both greenery and daylight deep into the interiors; green walls at each end of the facility blur the line between structure and landscape. A green roof filters rainwater for irrigation, and also insulates the building, reducing heat gain and cooling requirements.

The Resort consists of a private fitness facility and pool deck for residents of the Playa Vista condominium development, as well as a park, classrooms, meeting rooms, and a demonstration kitchen that are open to the public. A central diagonal corridor divides the
public spaces from the private areas. In addition to forming the building's spine, it becomes a major artery for the entire Playa Vista community, linking the residential buildings to the new Runway development to the east.

A raft of sustainability initiatives make the Resort eligible for LEED Platinum status. Passive cooling systems harness coastal breezes to ventilate 75% of the building. Glass walls allow the low winter sun to enter the building in cooler months, reducing heating and lighting costs. In summer, sliding glass doors throughout the property open to create cross breezes, and to allow fitness activities and community events to spill out into the courtyards. Photovoltaic panels line roof areas not covered by the green roof.