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S4P: Sunset Triangle Plaza
Silver Lake, CA


Frank Clementi
Tony Paradowski
Brooke Woosley
Chris Adamick


We needed to turn a city street into a public plaza quickly and inexpensively, but because this was originally a temporary pilot project, we couldn’t use most of the traditional elements of landscape design. Everything had to remain flexible, mobile, and easily undoable if the pilot didn’t succeed.

We therefore used pattern and color to create a bold, unique identity for the plaza and demarcate its boundaries. The whimsical green dots are a playful tribute to the L.A. Department of Transportation (a.k.a. D.O.T.). But this former block of Griffith Park Blvd. didn’t become a true pedestrian plaza until people started using it as a place for rest and relaxation.

Located in the heart of L.A.’s Silver Lake district, the plaza visually extends a pocket park that has long occupied this corner, turning the entire 11,000-sq.-ft. space into one
coherent site. Trees in containers delineate the triangle and prevent cars from intruding on pickup basketball games, outdoor film screenings, and café-sitting.

The twice-weekly farmers market that predated the conversion continues unabated; the other five days of the week, moveable bistro tables, chairs, and umbrellas encourage neighborhood residents to participate in less-structured outdoor recreation. The immense popularity of “the green dot plaza” has kept it in place for years beyond the pilot stage.

We completed this project for Streets for People (S4P), a joint initiative of the L.A. Planning Commission and the Los Angeles County Health Department. This innovative coalition is working to convert L.A.’s auto-centric megalopolis into a confederation of local neighborhoods more conducive to walking and biking.