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Sacramento Downtown Commons
Sacramento, CA


Bob Hale
Greg Kochanowski
Andy Lantz
Brent Jacobsen
Benjamin Stough
Meg Fain
Cameron Stewart
Ryan Vasquez
Miya Chua


In Progress
Our first project in the state capital is a 16-story mixed-use tower that complements the new arena for the Sacramento Kings basketball team. The tower and arena are the main components of a development that also includes a movie theater, a public plaza, and 235,000 sq. ft. of retail space. By providing visitor access from all sides, the Downtown Commons will be a focal point of downtown Sacramento.

The tower will feature first- and second-floor retail and restaurants, hotel amenities on floors two and three, office space for the Kings on the fourth floor, 250 hotel rooms on floors 5-11, and residential units on floors 12-16. Because the City of Sacramento didn't want the tower to overwhelm the surrounding cityscape, our design gives each program its own distinct
look. We also added horizontal breaks between the different blocks. A glass-enclosed lobby level separates the residential units on the top floors from the hotel in the middle. Another deck on the fifth floor distinguishes the hotel from the tier of office space below it.

Working with executive architects House & Robertson, we set each of the four components at slightly different angles, maximizing daylight and privacy. A ground floor breezeway allows pedestrians to walk straight through the building from J Street to the central plaza. Upper level terraces are the perfect perch for events overlooking the plaza.

Construction on the tower began in 2015 and must be completed in time for the Kings' 2016-17 season opener.