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Santa Monica Parks
Santa Monica, CA


Mark Rios
Matt Richmond
Jennifer Schab
Stephanie Savage


The City of Santa Monica hired us to renovate Douglas Park and to update aging playground facilities at four neighborhood parks: Clover Park, Joslyn Park, Marine Park, and Ozone Park. All four playgrounds are located within two miles of one another, but each has significantly different site characteristics and specific programmatic requirements. Our design strategy was to create a set of parks that, like cards in a deck, are each unique and individual, but still possess a common identity.

Durable, high-quality, and challenging play equipment was a priority for the city. A series of public workshops and a mail-in survey of city residents provided a forum for community members of all ages to contribute their ideas to the design process, and gave us a comprehensive wish list for the play areas.
We took the concept of 'play' and expanded on it to encompass many kinds of learning, developmental and recreational activities. We designed a variety of play spaces to support these different kinds of activity. Each park features areas for imaginative play, passive and individual play, and active and social play. Integral to each design is an evocation of a child's sense of discovery and exploration.

Douglas Park, located on the site of Douglas Aircraft Company's original factory on Wilshire Blvd., is a centerpiece of the project. We restored its network of ponds and streams (to the delight of migrating wildlife), and gave the fly-caster’s club its own dedicated dock. On hot days, four new “geyser” fountains shoot water into the sky.