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Steelhouse Media Office
Culver City, CA


Julie Smith-Clementi
Sebastian Salvado
Andy Lantz
Jakub Tejchman


This 17,000-square foot tenant improvement project on a campus of creative offices in Culver City creates a dynamic work environment that accentuates the cultural customs in the daily routines of this unique technology marketing firm.

Into a raw, industrial space, we introduced a sinuous, inhabitable wall that defines distinct boundaries between work and play environments. The wall encapsulates a large kitchen, conference rooms, and lounge spaces, while also separating the formal, central workspace from informal social spaces. We also used color and texture to distinguish the programmed interior spaces from the open work spaces that require neutrality and visual clarity.
A variety of workspace types correspond to the needs of different groups of workers within the company. To help bring focus to the sales team, we captured quiet, dark, controlled spaces under a mezzanine. Terraced interior landscapes provide informal comforts for team discussions and foster creative collaboration. In all, the workplace comfortably seats 140 people.

Steelhouse subtly finds identity through the combination of a colored, perforated metal canopy and steel-clad pivot doors that extend into the lobby, providing an introduction to the dynamic interiors. We also proposed a complementary palette of landscape plantings that integrate the office into the surrounding Culver City campus.