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Stone Stanley Productions
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Julie Smith-Clementi
Frank Clementi


The design goal for Stone/Stanley Productions was to develop a tonal sophistication as a base for departure, using inexpensive and tactile materials. A single floor covering in brown tones was used throughout, with a particle-board baseboard, and a special paint finish was developed for the walls with the look and feel of kraft paper.

Against this backdrop, an ambitious range of materials was installed. In the name of economy, many improvements were imagined as movable parts, and all forms and surfaces were considered fair game as vehicles for expression. Along with furniture, cabinetry and graphics, we used vertical surfaces as well, employing wallpaper, a material not typically specified for office interiors, to give selected walls extra punch.
The reception area was slated to achieve a high density of information and product identification. Signage and graphics are integrated into the furnishings and cabinetry. Visitors wait in “contestant chairs” placed on a carpet derived from the iconographic board game Twister, which flows from a screening cabinet like a stage set. A custom designed coffee table turns to match colors on separate layers, recalling a game spinner.

The partners’ office expresses both their personalities as well as their working style, and reflects the full range of work, in a more sophisticated character appropriate to conducting business as well as creative development. Ancillary spaces, many with no natural light, which are used frequently but for short periods of time, were animated with high contrast assemblies of colors and textures.