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Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, CA


Mark Rios
Frank Clementi
Bob Hale
Jennifer Schab
Jon Black
Samantha Harris
Michael Sweeney
Aimee Less
Naseema Asif
John Fishback
Claudia Morello


Our renovation of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills restores and enhances many original features from Sidney Eisenshtat’s historically important design, but its new architectural forms, symbolism, and flexible organization of space continue to tell the timeless stories of Judaism. Instilling the 1950s post-modern structure with 21st-century design, technologies, and functionality insures that the new Temple Emanuel remains a place of living Judaism for generations to come.

The sanctuary features a design motif of circles, reflective of the spiritual life cycle. The circular theme continues into the adjacent social hall, with a 12-circle ceiling pattern that represents the 12 tribes of Israel. A wall between the sanctuary and social hall retracts into the ceiling to create one large gathering space.
Photographs taken when the temple was originally completed show the sanctuary as an outdoor room of solid brick walls with a “sky” of starry lights. The new Olshansky Oculus, a central skylight through which much of the sanctuary’s natural light filters in, embodies the cycle of time as the sun moves across the sky. At night, the oculus shifts focus from the sun to the moon, linking the sacred space to the Jewish lunar calendar.

Jerusalem limestone on the pulpit and in the foyer underscores the synagogue’s connection to Israel. The colors of the custom-designed carpet reflect the hues of the sanctuary’s original stained glass windows. In lieu of fixed pews, the sanctuary features movable chairs that can be arranged according to the dynamics of the service or program, either in traditional linear rows or a more intimate theater-in-the-round configuration.