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The Buckley School
Sherman Oaks, CA


Mark Rios
Bob Hale
Samantha Harris
Jessa Chisari
Brooks MIkkelsen


The Buckley School is an independent, co-educational school that enrolls approximately 790 students from kindergarten through grade twelve. The school is located in a canyon setting in the Sherman Oaks community in the City of Los Angeles.

We worked with the Buckley School to develop an overall landscape master plan to anticipate the growth and development of the school. Our task was to create a sense of place that relates the overall campus and its building to its bucolic canyon setting while creating a unified campus. Outdoor areas are designed to be both creative and functional while remaining flexible for various event configurations. This flexibility also allows for outdoor areas to function as classrooms.
All outdoor spaces now have a similar feeling, but still maintain their own character. The user-friendly design encourages community and fosters learning, creativity, and collaboration while allowing students, faculty, staff, and parents to easily orient and find their way within the campus.