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The California Endowment
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Frank Clementi
Bob Hale
Samantha Harris
Tony Paradowski
Jennifer Charles
Jennifer Reynolds
Ichiro Kakami
Ola May


Rios Clementi Hale Studios was the design architect (in collaboration with executive architect House & Robertson) for the new headquarters building and campus for The California Endowment, one of the state's largest charitable organizations. The design creates an urban garden, a community meeting center, and approximately 130,000 useable square feet of sustainable, innovative office space. While the large office block relates in size and scale to the municipal buildings that line Alameda Street, such as Union Station, the conference center spaces relate to the surrounding single story context, which are located East and South of the site.

The design emphasizes the positive relationships possible between indoor and outdoor environments in California, and achieves numerous sustainability goals
including reduction in energy consumption, energy efficient design, use of recycled and recyclable materials, etc. The campus has also been developed to promote a healthy work environment. The entire ground floor level is accessible to the public and contributes to the neighborhood by providing a research library, gallery and cafe; meeting rooms and training rooms are available to grantees. The meeting rooms are designed to open onto the courtyard, which acts as an outdoor room and performs as both a pre- and post-function space. The courtyard itself is composed with plants, water features and art, creating a calm and inviting work environment.