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The Colburn Center Plaza
Los Angeles, CA


Bob Hale
Frank Clementi
Mike Cheng


The Colburn School of Performing Arts is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, at the corner of Grand Avenue and Second Street. It provides training for students of all ages in the disciplines of music, dance and drama. The goal of the plaza was to tie the existing facility with the newer building. The landscape also serves as a destination and end point for the adjacent California Plaza. As such, the Colburn Center plaza is divided into three major zones.
The first landscape zone is General Thaddeus Koscuszko Way Park, which serves as an entry point to the new Colburn Art Plaza. This area provides landscaped seating for students and pedestrians. The second landscape zone is the new Colburn Art Plaza that will tie the existing building to the new facilities. The plaza consists of different shades and colors of pavers that is repeated in interior areas, integrating the indoors and outdoors. The third landscape zone is a park at the corner of Second Street and Olive Street that softens the street corner and brings down the scale of the new building.

While each zone has a distinctive character, all have unifying elements such as hardscape and plant materials that work to tie these spaces together into a cohesive plaza.