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The Greek Theatre
Los Feliz, CA


Julie Smith-Clementi
Frank Clementi
Chris Torres
James Lively


In Progress
Our proposed modernization of the legendary Greek Theatre restores the luster lost when a 1957 addition obscured many of the original Greek architectural elements. Removing the stage house, installed in 1957 to support theatrical productions, reveals the original Greek colonnade, allowing guests to see the entire theater as originally built in 1929.

A new steel canopy floating high above the streamlined stage accommodates the taller grid necessary to support modern touring concerts. Reminiscent of a historic band shell, this canopy contrasts with the theater's historic architectural style, so as not to confuse the two, yet complements the original.

Our design also creates a clean front theater entrance, one that is more visible and more inviting to arriving guests. Two new coast live oaks at the south end of this new entrance
complement the two existing oaks at the north end, framing a majestic entry plaza. This plaza serves as the Greek's "agora," a large gathering space where guests can meet for a drink or a bite to eat before curtain time.

We also propose removing the rusting, seismically vulnerable north and south terraces astride the main grandstand. New discrete seating areas with improved safety and sight lines take their place. Each terrace is angled to follow the natural contours of the Griffith Park hillside, while remaining visually distinct from the main seating area. The theater's overall seating capacity remains the same.

Taken together, these updates outline a vision for the Greek Theatre as a sacred grove within the city, where the rugged nature of Griffith Park provides the perfect backdrop for a vibrant slate of cultural programming.