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The Greening of Century City
Century City, CA


Mark Rios
Bob Hale
Samantha Harris
Tavi Perttula
Rita Haudenschild
Terese Kelly
Chris Adamick
Garth Dahlgren
Ananda Kanter


As more people live, work, and play in Century City, the complex transit, identity, circulation, and open space issues that Century City faces can best be approached with clear guidelines and unified goals. The Greening of Century City Plan calls for Century City to become a neighborhood of sustainability and walkability in the heart of Los Angeles. The Plan creates a live-work-play community where all aspects of life can be accessed within Century City and with connections to transit.

The Greening of Century City Plan takes advantage of the “wide green spaces” conceived by Welton Becket’s 1962 master plan: it incorporates these spaces into a series of programmed pocket parks, strolling loops, and interactive art events, and – instead of isolating the buildings from the street as they currently are – seeks to activate the street and draw pedestrians to and through active building frontages.
A series of strategically located new uses and amenities are envisioned, such as cafes and eateries, interactive informational kiosks, flower or newspaper stands, bus shelters, and unified and adopted street furnishings. The Greening Plan also calls for providing coherent wayfinding and signalized crosswalks, and removing physical and perceived obstacles to pedestrian paths. Together, these pedestrian improvements will all work to re-create Century City as a walkable, mixed-use neighborhood for today.