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Thousand Oaks Residence
Thousand Oaks, CA


Bob Hale
Elisa Read
Alissa Hisoire


This residence and landscape design began with an enviable 3.5-acre property in a gated country club community, surrounded by the highest peaks of the Santa Monica mountains. We oriented the house to maximize the views from the outdoor dining area, the expansive covered porch, and the pool deck. We also planted mature trees around the perimeter to maintain privacy.

We created a home with three distinct wings, each with its own purpose. A transparent formal entryway bisects the central corridor, offering views through the house to a specimen oak and the surrounding hillside. It leads to the living/dining room, which serves as the center of the house, and the hub of public entertaining activity.
From this nucleus, a chef's kitchen, mudroom, and laundry extend to the left, creating a center for family activity. To the right lies the generous master suite, which spills out into the pool area. The second story, located above the main wing, houses bedrooms for each of the family's three children, plus a game room for them to share.

The surrounding hillside takes up a considerable portion of the property, and features interesting rock outcroppings that cast a warm glow at dusk. At the base of the hill, we planted fire resistant sage, meadow grass, and shrubs to enhance the natural environment that existed here before the country club, and make the home feel alone in nature.