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Venice House
Venice, CA


Julie Smith-Clementi
Sebastian Salvadó
Ben Stough


In Progress
Our client's "dream house" is designed specifically for the Venice lifestyle. This indoor-outdoor space takes advantage of every inch of an extremely narrow lot. Every room opens onto the outdoors, making the home feel like a garden pavilion. Decidedly simple landscaping in the small side yards maximizes the feeling of openness. A long, thin swimming pool and infinity-edge spa carry the feeling of expansiveness all the way to the guest house at the back of the lot.

The house features the same kind of continuity. A concrete floor begins outside the front entry, and extends all the way through the house to the pool deck. Plaster walls are tinted the same color as the floor. Sliding glass doors between the central entertaining space and the pool disappear completely behind the exterior walls when completely open.
The second floor is composed of two folded white planes, each containing a bedroom suite. They interlock at the central staircase, a dramatic and airy vertical space with views of the double-height outdoor dining area.

To prevent the 2,700-sq. ft. home from occluding sightlines from the street, we broke it into two staggered volumes. The home's peaked roofs are a nod to Venice's traditional craftsman-style cottages. Not only do they make the house less imposing; they afford extra-high ceilings in the master suite. In contrast with the fortress-like fences that surround so many nearby stucco boxes, a street-side garden sits outside the low front fence, establishing a relationship with the sidewalk. Behind the fence, the house's inviting front porch continues that conversation all the way to the main entry.