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WeHo Duplex
West Hollywood, CA


Mark Rios
Michael Sweeney
Elisa Read
Daniel Torres


These two side-by-side townhomes replaced a dilapidated old 1920s duplex bungalow. Each is approximately 1,400 square feet, with two bedrooms and two baths. The two buildings are technically connected—obviating the need for a 10-foot side yard between them—but only in the most tangential of ways. As a result, they feel less like two individually articulated residences and more like a collection of deftly stacked blocks.
But what looks haphazard at first glance is actually quite purposeful: the blocks are rotated to provide a maximum amount of privacy for each home's second-floor green roof deck. The angling of the blocks also allows both houses to share a common courtyard, also situated for maximum seclusion. This flexible arrangement allows the homes to be occupied independently or together.