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West Hollywood Park Competition
West Hollywood, CA


Samantha Harris
Brent Jacobsen
Brooks Mikkelsen


In Progress
The City of West Hollywood needed West Hollywood Park to be a public outdoor space that served multiple purposes. In collaboration with LPA, the project architect, we devised an initial landscape vision during the final competition phase that would deliver "Two Parks in One.” The hybrid design proposal combines the intimate scale, everyday functionality, and pastoral feel of a neighborhood park with the capacity to host large-scale civic events.

The Heart of the Park is a shady, tree-lined corridor that extends from San Vicente Blvd. to Robertson Blvd. Sinuous pedestrian paths, lawns, and gardens encourage passive activity like picnicking and strolling. If this center of the park is its heart, the two large, flexible meadows that flank it are its backbone. Most days, the meadows would remain open for active uses like pick-up games of soccer and Frisbee.
But the meadows could also be adapted for large civic events, such as the well-known Christopher Street West festival. The meadows link directly to the Grand Stair, which ascends to a new rooftop pool terrace and recreation center.

New, interactive playgrounds and nature gardens sculpted into the park’s inherent grade change beckon kids to play, explore, and discover. Fully integrated, site-specific art, as well as a National AIDS monument, will set the stage for "The Creative City" to display its talents.

The project is currently evolving through an interactive and collaborative process with the community, and we are excited to translate the community’s desires into the park's evolving design.