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Westfield Family
Locations Nationwide


Julie Smith-Clementi
Chiaki Kanda
Chris Adamick
Agnes Pierscieniak


Rios Clementi Hale Studios made hanging out at the mall fun and educational for kids and their parents. Westfield now offers unparalleled family amenities within the Westfield Family program. The program—a collaboration among Westfield’s marketing group, Lexington fabricators, and Rios Clementi Hale Studios—is implemented in Westfield centers throughout the United States.

This program of amenities engages both kids and adults, and makes the Westfield shopping center their destination for fun, food, education, and shopping. The design team completed consumer research studies that were conducted in multiple cities around the country to better understand how parents approach shopping, and what could be done to improve the experience of visiting a mall with kids in tow. The feedback informed the design, selection, and implementation of program elements.
To combine entertainment with education, the designers wrapped the program around an eco-system theme; the rainforest was the first of three, followed by arctic and desert programs. Specifically, the rainforest experience incorporates abstract design, vivid color, evocative sounds, various textures, and interactive elements that stimulate all the senses. A series of iconic, scalable graphics of rainforest life—leaves, termites, butterflies, flowers, monkeys, and frogs—appears as a repeated design motif. These elements are put into play throughout the WKids program, which comprises family parking, play spaces, family dining areas and family lounges.