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Wilshire Coronado
Los Angeles, CA


Bob Hale
Frank Clementi
Greg Kochanowski
Jakub Tejchman


The Wilshire Coronado Condominiums was to be a 184,000 GSF, 140-unit, mixed-use residential high-rise on the Wilshire Boulevard Corridor. The program included the design for market rate condominiums above retail spaces and parking, a pool deck and fitness center on an upper podium level, a community room at ground level, open space and a landscape design for the parkway on Wilshire Boulevard.

Situated along a major transit corridor and close to MacArthur Park, Wilshire Coronado was to be part of the family of new loft housing under development in Los Angeles. The site was a corner lot with expansive views that would allow units to have sweeping views of Downtown, the ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains.
Oriented 30 degrees off cardinal north, each unit will have the advantage of receiving prime solar exposure. One of the major challenges of the project was that the site bridged two lots with different zoning– the lot along Wilshire allowed a higher density of units and the other a lower density. This posed the challenge of developing a massing for the building that satisfied the split of units on either side of the lot line.

A challenge for any high density residential project is to give each tenant the sense of individuality that they might have with a single family home in the suburbs. Being able to identify one’s own unit while driving the boulevard is one of the key concepts for the Team’s design of the exterior envelope and massing.