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Wilshire Grand
Los Angeles, CA


Mark Rios
Mark Motonaga
Samantha Harris
Naseema Asif


Located at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles, The Wilshire Grand project is proposed as the Northern anchor to the Figueroa Corridor. The first new tower in the financial district in over twenty years, the project includes a new urban plaza and park, hotel, commercial office space and ground floor retail.

As part of the development process, RCHS provided EIR and entitlement support for the signage package. The entitlement process included working with the project team to meet City requirements and develop new standards for a conceptual signage package design for the tenant signage, building identification signage and large scale integral electronic signage.
The development of the proposed new integral electronic signage entailed establishing minimum and maximum lighting thresholds, new definitions of image transitions, and timing cycles for changes in the content. Working with the project team we helped to coordinate this new application of technology for the City while working with the Planning Department, Council office, Mayor’s office and City Attorney to chart a new path for electronic signage in the City. The signage package was included in the EIR and finally took the form of a new Supplemental Use District (SUD). The signage package required numerous visual simulations, precedent studies, light measurements, and technology research to achieve final approval. This ground breaking effort established a new benchmark for signage in the City of Los Angeles.